Parent Testimonials

We joined the Spring classes at the start of the pandemic as something to do during the lockdown. We have loved the classes and it’s been amazing to watch my son go from passive listener to active participant - or at least trying to!  We are excited to see what music class is like in-person and will definitely be joining for Fall in whatever format exists!

Music Together® Online Family

We started taking music in January 2020, when our son was just 6 months old. Since joining, our son has developed such a passion for music. He look forward to his music class everyday.....I would definitely recommend TipToe music classes as they help a great deal with baby developmental stages!

Anon - a happy family!

My daughter and I had a wonderful experience at TipToe Music.  E-J was amazing with the kids! She kept them engaged for the entire class. My daughter looked forward every week to singing the songs and really enjoyed playing the instruments. We made good use of the take away CDs that we still listen to in the car. I would highly recommend this music program for your children. It’s a fun way to bond with your child as well as expose them to different music and sounds. 

Carolyn - mom of 1

Music Together is the best program I've put my son into.  We love listening to the music at home or driving in the car - its so catchy.   E-J at TipToe Music brings it all to life and it's the highlight of our weekend. We look forward to many more classes with you as we have seen how it's improved our family's musical learning!

Shauna - mom of 2

Miss E-J (as we fondly refer to her in our home) and Music Together have brought such fun into our family.  Not only do we all leave the classes in great moods, the music carries into our lives between classes each week. From kitchen dance parties to singing in the car or at the beach, thanks to Music Together, music is woven into our fondest memories.  I believe that the theory used by the program for the child's musical development works!  It's such a pleasure to see my boys reach musical milestones far beyond what I would have imagined.  Thank you E-J and Music Together.

Sabina - mom of 3

Thank you TipToe Music for partnering with us and guiding the children (and Educators) through this fun interactive program. Music simultaneously develops a child’s mind, body, and spirit through singing, dancing and playing instruments. We are learning to sing in tune (pitch and tone), we all know what a "pitch pipe" is now! We are moving in time, enhancing children's literacy skills and vocabulary, building self-confidence and motivating children to try new things. We are happy to have you as part of our Crescent Family!


Stacy Joncas - In School program

I am so thrilled that E-J will be taking over Music Together family classes in the Oakville and Burlington region. E-J is an experienced teacher, a warm and caring person, and an ambitious entrepreneur and I know she will serve the families of this community well.  I feel so lucky that she was able to teach for me while I was running Lakeshore West Music Together and now that my circumstances have changed and I have chosen to teach in a school full time, I feel even luckier to know that she will be carrying the proverbial torch in the my stead. Here's to E-J and TipToe Music! 

Amber Mills - LWMT Director

Music Together is without a doubt the best hour of the week - it is wonderful to spend an hour sharing time doing something we both love.  My three children all did this fabulous music programme - my son says "I love music class", and his big sisters "we are so jealous our little brother gets to go - can we come too?!"  We may not be harmonious but we sing in perfect harmony!

Steph G - Hong Kong

My daughter Emily and I took part in the online babies music class this past summer with TipToe Music. Emily was 7 months and she absolutely loved the classes (as did I)! The songs were fun and easy to learn and she enjoyed singing along with E-J and her fellow classmates. We haven't done much during the covid period and this was a fun activity we could look forward to each week. It also gave us a chance to "meet" other families. We especially liked the bonus dance parties! We owe it to E-J for making our household a more musical one. Thank you!

Laura - Babies Class family