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The New Mummy Company

2525 Old Bronte Road, Unit 160
Oakville, Ontario L6M 4J2

(289) 837 4686

The New Mummy Company in North Oakville

The New Mummy Company’s goal is to provide you with trusted and professional support throughout the term of your pregnancy, at the time of the birth and in those special months when you bring home your bundle(s) of joy. All of our services are offered to you in the comfort and privacy of your own home and tailored to your needs.

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The entrance to The New Mummy Company is at street level and is next door to KUMON on the east side of the building (not in the main medical building)

Parking is available directly outside and in the free undercover parking within the complex.  

Please enter through The New Mummy Company's main entrance and head through to the group room.  

Coats and shoes may be left in the entrance hall, but please note valuables should be kept with you during class time.

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The New Mummy Company