Our Teachers

E-J Walker

Music-making and singing are central to E-J's way of life. Originally from England, she has sung and performed in choirs, operas and groups throughout her life in the UK, Europe and Hong Kong. These groups include The Hong Kong Bach Choir and The Cecilian Singers in Hong Kong as well as the London EC4 Choir and Dorset Opera, England. She also has flute and piano qualifications from the Royal School of Music, London, England.

E-J “found” Music Together® when her children were small, with all three of her children sharing the Music Together experience in a Mixed Age class.This passion for encouraging a love of music with her children inspired E-J to earn her Music Together teacher training qualifications in Melbourne, Australia in October 2013, and more recently to develop her skills further through the Music Together Certification Level One qualification in Toronto, Canada in March 2017.

E-J has taught Music Together family classes in Hong Kong and Canada, and is also a Music Together Inschool specialist, teaching locally in Oakville preschools, she is the lead teacher and Centre Director for TipToe Music.

She firmly believes that music is an integral part of learning for all children, and enjoys supporting families and local communities to help children grow to be happy and confident through their love of music.

Hiroko Barringer

Hiroko is a musician and teacher who loves connecting with children over music. She taught Music Together in Tokyo for three years after passing the teacher training in 2009.

She spent several very happy years at an international school in Japan as an assistant teacher, working with Nursery and Pre-kindergarten classes, singing and leading songs in the classroom.

Hiroko started learning the piano at the age of four, and has been a piano player, a drummer and a percussionist ever since. At the Yamaha School of Music in Japan she studied music theory, improvisation, composition and further developed her piano skills working with a private teacher.  She passed the Yamaha Piano Grade 6 level in junior high school.

Hiroko is now a percussionist with the Oakville Wind Orchestra in weekly rehearsals and regular public concerts. She always looks forward to sharing her love of music with children!

The TipToe Music Teachers having fun!

E-J and Hiroko at the Music Together Conference May 2018